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On the 11th, 12th and 13th May a "Brum at War" event was held at the Back to Back Houses in Birmingham and BARRA was invited to attend

Barbara, Dot and Pat put on a display of BARRA items, including gas masks, ration books etc, in the courtyard at the back of the houses. We were warmly welcolmed by the volunteers who do a very good job, and who supplied us with tea and cakes. There was a bunting hung across the courtyard and wartime songs were being played which gave a lovely atmosphere and visitors were joining in, some of them dancing. There were many guided tours through the houses and they ended at the brewhouse and the outside toiletss, just a short distance from our display. they were all very interested in our itmes, the children particularly loved the baby gas mask. It was nice to hear that a lot of visitors had come quite a distance for a two day stay in Birmingham and had included the Back to Backs in their visit. A lot of people had their own memories of the war years and it was very interesting for us to hear their stories.

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