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Volunteers were sought to talk to students about Make Do and Mend during wartime which resulted in a number of us visiting the Museum Collection Centre last December to spend the day meeting with a group of students in order to give them ideas, which would result in them spending their holiday period creating their ownand then making the finished articles and we were there and then invited back to View the results.
Our first visit was a good experience and the students were so interested in all we said, but we had no idea just how much they listened to each and every detail as we were relating wartime everyday experiences existing on rations and scarcities in general and how we still attempted to hring some glamour into each day.
WOW! What astounding results came from this initial visit we wouldn't have missed for anything!
On Feb 21st we were again invited to attend the Fashion and Design Dept at the College, again treated with the utmost courtesy and interest as we met the students and viewed the results of their creativity and hard work If these youngsters leave college without the satisfaction of an assured career before them it will be criminal!
We all were so full of admiration and they deserve every accolade as you will discover when you attend the future exhibition. A visit from the B'ham Mail resulted in an article and photographs in the newspaper (Feb 29th) which couldn't hope to convey the meticulous Work and detail of each creation but at least afforded some publicity to all the efforts.
Out of the eight resulting outfits displayed one was chosen (not by us to our relief) to be the tirst displayed on the opening day of the exhibition where it is planned that they will all be seen in turn.
That chosen was by Scott who had made a dress and then topped it with a wrap-around pinafore decorated with fruit and vegetable cut-outs meticulously applied all over to compliment the slogan of 'Dig For Victory' which I'm sure you bring to mind seeing all the posters seen everywhere during the war.
All the garments displayed were finished in such expert detail and all more than worthy of full praise.
Our sincere thanks to Joann Curtis and Bob Manning for giving us the opportunity to be part of such an exciting project which afforded BARRA such Worthwhile publicity.
On each occasion, food was provided (the second visit we were fed cakes to die for!)
Best wished to Bob for his approaching retirement and every good wish and sincere hope for the futures of the students who are truly deserving of success in their future careers.
The Exhibition will be a must not miss for ALL of us!